Cheap Ways To Update Your Kitchen

Updating your kitchen needn’t be expensive. In this article we’ll show you how to update your kitchen on a budget.

Fit new hardware

If you are happy with your current kitchen units one of the most cost effective ways of revamping the kitchen is to fit new hardware. Cupboard and drawer handles are available in a range of different styles and sizes, and are also really easy to replace. Simply unscrew the old handles and fit the new ones, easy!

Paint the cabinets

If you budget can’t stretch to new kitchen cabinets, then painting your existing ones will make a drastic difference. For wooden cabinets you can use standard paint, but if your cabinets are made from melamine you will have to use some specialised primer in order for the paint to stick.

The great thing about painting your kitchen cabinets is that you can choose any colour you want, some of which wouldn’t be available if you were buying new ones. Stick to just one colour for a consistent look or choose different colours to create a funky theme.

Change the floor

When thinking about vinyl flooring most of us hark back to those horrible kitsch floors of the 70’s and 80’s but flooring technology has improved immensely since then. Vinyl flooring is now available in an array of different patterns and styles, some of which look like real stone and wood.

Vinyl flooring is cheap and easy to fit yourself; it’s easy to clean, durable and warm underfoot as opposed to tiled flooring.

Add new dishes and pans

Something as simple as adding some new dishes and pans to your kitchen or a new appliance can also give it a new lease of life. Again available in a wide range of styles, these accessories can tie in a theme or create a new look altogether. For more ideas try this website.