A crowdfunding campaign is definitely not an easy job because it could be a bumpy ride throughout the journey. Hundreds of campaigns are launched every day and not all of them succeed. According to a survey, more than half of the projects that are launched fail miserably, but that does not mean it is an impossible task either. You need to stay determined throughout the process and most importantly, plan up way before your project launch. Do not keep higher expectations because you may quit when your project fails to take a desired shape during the initial stages. A campaign may take a good shape either during the initial stages or during the crucial stages.  So do not get disheartened and call off your project when things do not fall in right places.

Some of you think having good Kickstarter start pages and videos are more than enough to hit the desired funding goals. But sorry to break it to you guys, it does not work that way, come back to reality from your fantasy world! You need to plan up and get busy with promotions in prior to your project launch. After all, you are not ONLY benefited with the target funds, there is much more beyond that. You will be credited with backers, new customers and also tactics to stay longer in the industry. Hence, it is very important to stay passionate and committed to your campaign until the very end of the process. You may never know, your project could hit the funding goal way before the deadline and you can use the rest of the funds for more promotions. More promotions mean more success, so keep the momentum going and do not let go of your positive vibes no matter what!


You can able to set a low cost crowdfunding campaign using the Word press, if you are capable to host projects, accept pledges and integrate with payment providers.

Here are some simple steps to build a crowdfunding platform using Word press:

  • Register a domain:

The first step involves registering a domain with different host names like .com, .cc, .net and .org. When comparing with others, the highly recommended domain name is .com. Mention some domain names with friends to make sure that they can remember it easily. It is safe to use a domain name which may match the keyword user might type in search engine to get into your site.

  • Choose a host provider:

You can use Go Daddy and 1& to for registering domain name. After registering your domain name, choose a hosting provider to host your website. The main thing you need to do is to show off the purchased domain name to your hosting provider.

  • Install Word press:

After pointing your domain name with the hosting provider, install Word press on your hosting account.

  • Set up a theme:

After your Word press installation, upload a suitable crowdfunding theme with more functionality.

  • Create marketing strategy:

Some of the best ways for marketing include involvement in social media platforms, press release submission, leaving comments on blogs, hosting webinars and so on. Every marketing strategy involves outbound and inbound marketing. Outbound marketing involves advertisements and inbound involves attraction of visitors through free resource, education.