Secrets To A Faster WordPress Website – Get Up The SERPS

Secrets To A Faster WordPress Website

What are the secrets to a faster WordPress website?

But it’s not truly a secret. The issue is that there is a whole lot of wrong information around, one answer would be for website owners and developers to combine to figure out these basic issues.

Lets cut to the chase.

If your home has a leaky pipe, you don’t replace all the windows. Like wise if your car is not starting you would not go to the shops and buy new wheel trims, you’d get a mechanic to examine the engine!

If you are experiencing slow website response times, you should be communicating with the hosting company.

WordPress great advantage is it’s flexibility of customization with plugins. However, it is those plugins which combine to slow your site.

What are the secrets to a faster WordPress website?

Themes also play a part, and some themes are huge, chomping bandwidth like it is going out-of-fashion, management of this is critical to trimming the website’s performance.

Images are notorious for affecting the loading time of a page and the file size yet very few website owners take time to review this. Partially due to lack of knowledge or basic understanding of image manipulation.

What are the secrets to a faster WordPress website?

By trimming down any unnecessary plugins, over large themes and defiantly reducing image file size you will, without doubt, create a smoother transition for data loading you will speed up your website, also by simply putting your hand in your pocket and pay for a faster-hosting package…also works a treat!

So you now have all the advice you need, make those changes and add value to your valuable clients experience.

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